Who Went

Brian Knight

Greg Palmer

Jason Palmer

Brian is 28 years old and lives in Indiana PA where he is currently attending indiana university of pennsylvania for his bachelors of science in respiratory care.he also works part time as a CPR instructor and health educator.He has been Backpacking for 12 years going back to his days as a Boy Scout in Guys Mills, PA. He also enjoys mountain biking and boldering. and hopes one day to complete the Appalachian Trail.

Reason For Going:
Greg has been my friend for well over 12 years and I wanted to wish him well. we all thought that since backpacking was what brought all of us together in the first place that this would be the best way for all of us to celebrate this great new change in his life.

it's fun to hang out in a shelter in the winter with your best friends, especially when it's so cold that eggs are frozen solid and have to melt before you cook them, ah now that's life.good friends,good times, good food and drink that's the spice of life.

I really enjoyed the trip it was good to travel together again with you guys.We should make a habit to get together every season to do a trip together again. The chicken breasts were really good as were the games and figuring out how to turn random pieces of plastic into something that can cover a shelter (kind of like a puzzle except when your done you might just be warm mmmmm, bonus.)

Amazing scientific thoughts: I never knew something could burn and still be frozen. (eggs) a colman stove will burn for nearly 4 hours before running out of fuel at 6 degrees. the rating on a sleeping bag is optimistic and is used only as a measure at what temperature that hypothermia will set in for example a 15 degree bag will prevent hypothermia till about 15 degrees (my bags rating).however the addition of extra clothing can increase greatly the temperature rating of a sleeping bag. If you are light enough and move quickly and lightly you can actually walk on top of the frozen surface of snow. This assumes that the snow has started to melt then frozen again.

At the time of this hike, Greg was 26 years old and living in Ellicott City, MD with his beautiful and loving fiancé Stacie.

He has been Backpacking for 12 years going back to his days as a Boy Scout in Guys Mills, PA.

Reason For Going:
Greg and Stacie are getting married on February 28th, 2004 on the beach in the Bahamas. This was Greg's untraditional bachelor party to go along with his untraditional wedding plans.

" It was a great time! I'm glad that Jason and Brian could come. It wouldn't have been anywhere near as fun without you guys."

Jason is 27 years old and lives with his girlfriend Trisha in Edinboro, PA. He enjoys camping and backpacking all year and has been coming to Oil Creek State Park since he was a Boy Scout. He hopes to hike the Appalachian Trail and Yellow Stone.

Reason For Going:
My brother Greg is getting married and this was a great way to have a bachelor party. It really got to the core of what all of us are about and it provided a great reunion as well as a great send off.

I had a great time but regret not being able to spend a couple more nights out. Still the weather was great and we saw some beautiful wilderness and wildlife. Winter camping is a challenge but with the right gear and knowledge it's a lot of fun. Spending time away from society with close friends has always been and always will be a great joy for me.

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