Who Went
Photos from the Trip
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Park office at Petroleum Centre. We started our hike going to the top of the hill you can see on the right.

Brian next to Greg's Jeep in the parking lot.

Trail sign about ½ mile in.

A view of our trail. Follow the Yellow blazes.

Greg next to another trail sign.

The trail at the top of the first hill, notice the Hemlock trees.

A view of the trail where cross country skiers use it.

Brian resting on a bench.

Greg resting on a bench.

A shelter used by cross country skiers to rest out of the elements.

Brian next to a sign at a trail intersection half way to the shelters.

Greg next to the same sign.

Bull Run

Inside the shelter.

Brian next to the outside of our shelter.

Our fire, the only source of warmth, notice how small and pathetic it is.

It got down to 5 degrees that night, it was cold enough in the shelter to freeze an egg.

A view of the effort we went through to try to keep the heat from the fire in the shelter.

Jason outside the shelter on Sunday morning.

The view from our shelter on Sunday morning. It was a beautiful day.

Jason and Greg outside the shelter.

Brian and Greg outside the shelter.

A view of the access road Jason hiked in late Saturday night to meet Brian and Greg at the shelter.
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