Who Went
The Game of Sixes

Results of the Games:
Game One
Greg: 38
Jason: 20
Brian: 60*
Game Two
Greg: 24
Jason: 17
Brian: 60*
Game Three
Greg: 42
Jason: 60*
Brian: 34
Game Four
Greg: 60*
Jason: 42
Brian: 4
Game Five
Greg: 60*
Jason: 40
Brian: 42

How to Play:
Equipment Needed:     6 Dice     

The object of the game is to score points by rolling sixes, either natural sixes or by rolling any combination of two dice that adds up to 6 .

When it is your turn, you roll all six dice at once. If you have at least one point you can continue rolling the dice that do not make up the six or you can accept your points and pass the dice. You must set aside dice that make up at least one point to continue rolling. If you chance another roll with the remaining dice but do not get at least one point you lose the points you had already received for that turn and your turn is over.

Before you can start earning points for a game you must roll a natural six and be able to keep the points for that turn.

If you use all 6 dice for points during your turn you get another turn.

Winning the Game:
The first player to reach 60 points wins the game.

1 point:
Any combination of two dice that adds up to six

2 points:
A natural six

Optional Bonus Points: (highly recommended)
Bonus points are awarded for rolling multiple natural sixes in one roll. Note that dice that you have previously set aside for points are not counted for bonus, only the dice in the actual roll. Dice used for bonus points do not count for regular points. For example if you roll 3 sixes you get 10 bonus points but you do not get the 2 points for each six.

10 Points:
3 sixes

20 Points:
4 sixes

30 Points:
5 sixes

Instant Winner:
6 sixes

Other Activities:
  • Hiking (obviously)
  • Drinking numerous cups of hot tea to keep warm
  • Collecting Firewood
  • Finding creative ways to block all the holes in the shelter and try to keep the heat from the fire in.
  • Jumping up and down to try to get the feeling back in our toes.
  • Collecting Firewood
  • Tasting the refreshing "water" of Knob Creek
  • Freezing Eggs
  • Seeing how fast Greg could burn frozen eggs on his stove.
  • Collecting Firewood
  • Cooking the best tasting chicken breasts in the world.

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