Who Went

Our Trail was the northern half of the Chuck Keiper Trail in the Sproul State Forest of Central Pennsylvania. The journey was roughly 20 miles over some very rugged, remote, and orange blazed trails. During the entire 3 days out we only saw 2 other hikers which really helped to add to our sense of escape from the modern world.

The map below shows our path. The days are color coded and we walked clockwise around the loop.

We began and ended our hike at a parking area and overlook off Swamp Branch Rd and PA 144.

Forest Information:

Sproul State Forest
15187 Renovo Road
Renovo, PA 17764

Phone: (570) 923-6011

E-mail: fd10@state.pa.us

Visit the Official Web Sites:
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Chuck Keiper Trail

Sproul State Forest