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Emerson's room was hand painted by her Dad to give her the peaceful experience of nature.

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Halloween 2007
14 1/2 Months

At the Pumpkin Patch
13 1/2 Months

9 Months

A Walk at Savage Park
8 1/2 Months

Easter 2007
8 Months

St Patrick's Day 2007
7 Months

Valentine's Day 2007
6 Months

Christmas 2006
4 Months

Week 14

Tummy Time
Week 14

Emmy with Nana & Aunt Melissa
Week 8

Emmy and Mommy
Week 8

After Her Bath
Week 7

Emmy and Uncle Jason
Week 6

Emmy and Daddy
Weeks 3 & 4

Emerson Meets Grandma
Week 3

Emmy Explores the Bouncy Seat
Week 2

Little Feet
Week 2

Little Hands
Week 1

Newborn at the Hospital

Gift Suggestion
Contribute to Emersonís College Fund

After several baby showers Emerson already has enough toys and clothes to easily last her through her first year of life. That's why she is asking that instead of buying more toys and clothes you contribute the money to her college fund. Now is the perfect time for her to start saving for college so that the money can have the opportunity to double.

To contribute to her college fund just simply give the money to her parents between now and the end of the year. They will place it securely into a savings account earning 4.4% interest and at the beginning of next year they will take the total donated and move it to a qualified college savings plan so that it canít be touched until she chooses the college she wants to attend.

Who Does She Look Like?

Emerson at 3 Weeks

Greg at 6 Months

Stacie at 2 Weeks

Actual Photo of Emerson's Delivery

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