Who Went
On the morning of Saturday, February 7th, 2004, Brian and Greg, two long time friends, set out on a winter backpacking trip to the Cow Run shelters at Oil Creek State Park. They were met later that night at the shelter by Greg's brother Jason. This is an account of the adventure...

Why Go Backpacking in the Winter? What was it like?

There are lots of reasons to go backpacking in the winter. You're reason could be "Just to see if you could do it", or maybe you wanted to test out some new gear. But those were not the reasons for this trip, we'll not the driving reasons anyway.

The main reason for this trip was that Greg is getting married on the 28th of February 2004 on the beach in the Bahamas and this was his Bachelor party. After all, what better way to celebrate the end of your single life than by going to the opposite temperature extreme of where you are getting married?

This was Greg's way of getting back to the simple roots of his past with the people that would have been his groomsmen if he would have had a traditional wedding.

Why this Web Site?

This is an easy way to share the memories with those who went and those who did not.

Cold, Snowy, and a Great Time!

Saturday, Feb 7th
Max Temperature 30.2 F
Min Temperature 21.2 F

Sunday, Feb 8th
Max Temperature 24.8 F
Min Temperature 5.0 F
(yes, that does say 5.0 F)

There was about a foot and a half of snow on the ground.
Saturday it was overcast and snowy.
Sunday it was cold but clear and sunny.

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